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Medical Tourism

Doctor Evelyn Betsi is specialized in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and she was exclusively trained for over a decade in Switzerland. She is an expert on practically the whole spectrum of Plastic Surgery as well as Cosmetic Medicine.

Patients from all over the world have been treated in our practice claiming to be completely satisfied with the quality of medical services and the organization of the whole trip.

As we constantly aim to offer the best services possible, we deliver pre-organized packages of accommodation and entertainment. It is recommended to arrive in Greece two days before the scheduled intervention so that you will be able to enjoy a walk in the beautiful city of Athens.

Your schedule should be very tight. It is advisable to arrive one day before your operation or treatment and to remain in the hospital until you have fully recovered. Your departure can be organized immediately after your hospitalization, which means that you do not need to stay in a hotel.

We encourage you to browse our site in order to determine which treatments are suitable for you and to send us a message with your desires and possible questions. After an online consultation, you will receive an e-mail/letter directly from us with all the useful information about your trip as well as the price package for the services you have chosen.

We are sure that you will be more than happy with the medical services provided by our team and furthermore with the famous Greek hospitality which we are very proud to provide.

We are looking forward to seeing you in person.