Surgical correction of a deformed, misshapen or excessively large vulva is called a vulvoplasty.

Vulvoplasty can be performed for both corrective and aesthetic reasons. In recent years, this operation has gained ground in Plastic Surgery and aesthetic restoration of the vulva.


Vulvoplasty methods:


Reduction and correction of the external labia: The goal of this surgery is to reduce the volume of fat or remove the excess skin. The surgery is aimed at obese women with sudden weight loss or even those who just want more tight skin of the labia majora. It is often combined with liposuction of the pubic area.


Hypertrophic labia minora: Hypertrophic labia minora of the vulva can cause irritation and pain while being dressed, riding a bicycle or a motorcycle, pain and embarrassment during sexual intercourse but also aesthetic issues involving swimsuit or a narrow pair of pants. Plastic surgery can help the woman in this case with a small surgical procedure. With an incision on the inner side of the labia minora, the excess tissue is removed.


Increase of labia majora:  Many times, either over time or due to weight loss, the labia majora decrease their volume. In this case, lipoplasty helps increase the volume of labia majora and protect the vulva. The procedure is made under local anesthesia and light sedation, while the patient can return to her home immediately after surgery. What should be done pre operatively Once the Plastic Surgeon has taken a complete history and photos of the area in question, the patient is fully informed of the procedure. Approaching surgery, the patient should be aware of the following:1. Stop taking aspirin before the surgery – please address you physician.2. Avoid having herbal drinks or dietary supplements before surgery.3. Stop smoking for 2 weeks pre and 1 week post-surgery.4. Wash the area daily with medicinal / antiseptic soap 3 days prior to surgery. Type of anesthesia The procedure can be done with local anesthesia and general anesthesia.    Hospitalization After the surgery, the woman returns home with a simple sanitary pad and special antibiotics. Post-operative instructions Daily hygiene of the area is recommended with antiseptic solution. Returning to everyday activities happens one week post-surgery while it might take approximately 4 weeks to return to start your sexual life.You can return to your fitness program 4 weeks post-surgery. Complications Bleeding, inflammation, hypoaesthesia of the labia, transient discomfort in the area, or perhaps a bad scar, are possible complications.