Many times the way of life, nutrition, stress, constant fatigue and the passage of time leave their marks on our skin. The first signs of continuous fatigue are evident mainly in our face and eyes. To a large extent, even young people have dark circles and "bags" under the eyes, making them look much older and tired.
Lower Blepharoplasty is the appropriate method for a more relaxed and youthful look.

Aesthetic signs
Excess skin and fat in the lower eyelid.

Restore indications
Eyelid repair due to relaxation of the support link.

What should be done pre-operatively
Once the Plastic Surgeon has taken a complete history, he takes pictures of the area and gives the indication of the surgical technique. It is necessary that photos are taken at a young age to make a comparison with the current situation.
Approaching surgery, smoking should be stopped 6 weeks prior and 2 weeks after surgery, thus reducing the chance of complications.
Use of aspirin or equivalent medicines containing aspirin or ibuprofen should be avoided prior to surgery.
The person concerned must have not eaten or drunk water 6 hours before the scheduled time of the surgery. One should have washed well the eye area and for the women patients, they should avoid makeup.

Type of anesthesia

The above procedure can be done with local anesthesia and sedation.


One can return home the same day, 2-3 hours after the end of the surgery, as no treatment is required.

Surgical technique

Initially, the design of the area in question is made in an upright position. The incisions are made just below the lashes and extend outwardly and below alongside the wrinkles of the outer eyelid of the lower eyelid. Initially, excess intraocular fat is removed under the muscle clamp, and then the excess skin is removed. It is intended to suture the muscle and skin in such a way as to avoid the downward tendency of the skin and stickers on the outside. The duration of the surgery is about 90 minutes.

Combination surgery

Blepharoplasty is now very often associated to lipoplasty, which is the transfer of fat to the lower eyelids in order to avoid the tired eyes we previously seen postoperatively after a lower blepharoplasty but also to restore the volume to the cheekbones that contributes significantly to the fatigue image. Aggressive techniques for removing large amounts of intracranial fat have been left behind and their re-distribution of fat volume has taken their place.
It can also be combined with upper blepharoplasty and ridge, with mini and total facelift.
In many cases it is necessary to pass through the inside of the eyelids in order to remove the extra fat and then remove the extra skin with a smaller incision. In this case, the lower eyelid muscle is not injured.
Needless to say that the indication of proper surgery will come after the first appointment with the Plastic Surgeon

Post-operative instructions

After surgery, swelling and perhaps minor bruising are gradually receding after the first 48 hours. Ice application topically for the first 2 days and sleeping with two pillows, is a great aid for rapid recovery.
Vision may be a little blurry immediately postoperatively, but it improves very quickly. This is mainly due to drops protecting the eye.
Sutures are removed after 7 days.
During the first week vigorous physical exercise and the use of contact lenses should be avoided.
You can usually return to work after a week.


The possible side effects or complications of this surgery are

  • Extrusion, ie downward movement of the lower eyelid, which is mainly avoided by the correct surgical technique.
  • Inflammation, although it is a very rare complication
  • Hematoma
  • A nasty scar
  • Removing large amounts of fat from the lower eyelids.

With proper surgical technique and proper postoperative monitoring, the risk of complications is almost zero. The final outcome of surgery is evaluated after 6-9 months and any minor discomfort can be corrected by local anesthesia.
It should be made clear that you should not underestimate the risks of a lower blepharoplasty, just realize that it is within the framework of a relatively simple surgery, but it can also have complications.

This text may give rise to new questions. We are at your disposal for any other information.