Nipple insertion is a frequent phenomenon which involves both men and women. It is described as the case in which the nipple is pulled inward fully or partially.


What are the causes of nipple insertion?


  • Congenital
  • Several breast inflammations
  • After breastfeeding or multiple pregnancies
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Breast injury
  • Gynecomastia (for men)
  • Breast cancer

How can the severity of the situation be defined? Nipple insertion can be distinguished in three degrees depending on the severity of the condition. 1st degree: In this case, the nipple comes out with a simple push of the fingers around the hockey hawk.2nd degree: In this case the nipple comes out with greater difficulty, being pressed with the fingers and resting in as soon as the pressure of the fingers stops. When a woman has a second grade nipple, the nursing process is very difficult, almost impossible.3rd degree: In this case, the nipple does not come out either with the possibility of exerting pressure on the fingers. Women who have a third grade nipple cannot breast-feed naturally. Moreover, they often experience skin problems due to the inability to properly clean the nipple.      What should be done pre-operatively Approaching the surgery 1. Discontinuation of medication or formulations containing aspirin prior to surgery and also 3 days afterwards.2. Stop smoking 6 weeks before surgery and 1 week afterwards, thus reducing the likelihood of complications. Type of anesthesia The above procedure is performed with local anesthesia. Hospitalization No hospitalization is required. Surgical technique Nipple insertion surgery can be performed in two different techniques: With a cross section at the milk pore: we cut the milk pores. Breastfeeding is not possible after this operation.  Conservation of the milk pores: With this technique the milk pores are preserved. In this case, future breastfeeding is not affected. The disadvantage is that recurrence is a possibility in this case. The duration of surgery is 30 - 40 minutes.


Post-operative instructions • Recovery is immediate and painless. After surgery, the nipples are covered with a patch so that they are not rubbed with clothes or undergarments.• Return to work can be done from the very next day. ComplicationsPossible complications following such an operation are hematoma, inflammation and poor healing. Breastfeeding and the likelihood of recurrence is likely late complications.