As the years pass and our body weight fluctuates, our buttocks are also affected, resulting in “falling” and loosening. Physical exercise is really helpful for most cases. For all other cases the Buttock lift is the answer.


What should be done pre-operatively
Once the Plastic Surgeon has a full history of the patient, he should fully inform the patient about the procedure and take some photos of the area to be treated. By approaching surgery, the person concerned should note the following:

1. Discontinuation of medication or formulations containing aspirin 10 days prior to surgery.
2. Stopping alcohol 7 days before surgery.
3. Stop smoking 1 month before surgery.
4. It is advisable not to do the surgery during menstruation, to avoid increased bleeding.


Type of anesthesia
The above procedure is performed with general anesthesia.

One day is required.

Surgical technique During the buttock lifting, the loose, excess skin is removed. In particular, the plastic surgeon removes a strip of skin from the buttocks area, "raises" the skin from the muscles and pulling it up. This technique creates a youthful and sporty appearance.

Surgery duration
The duration of the surgery is 2, 5 hours.

Post-operative instructions

• After surgery, the affected person will feel little pain and will have difficulty when sitting.
• Any swellings and bruises resulting from surgery begin and improve after 2 weeks.
• The scar is so thin that it can hide in the underwear area.
• Sutures are resorbable.
• The interested person will need to wear a special garment for 1 month.
• Sleep should be avoided at rest. Preferred is the left or right side position.
• Return to work can be done after 2 weeks.
• Physical exercise is allowed after 1 month.

The result is immediate.

The complications in this procedure are hematoma, infection, late cicatrisation, pulmonary embolism.