The absorbable yarns are essentially sutures, which are placed under the skin in the form of injections.

These are non-surgical methods of improving the quality of the skin but also lifting of the face and a little bit of the neck. They have come to replace the old non-absorbable yarns that have had many complications and complicated application procedures.

The yarn placement procedure is extremely simple and safe whereas yarns of biodegradable material (the same material used in surgical sutures) are placed on the deep layers of the skin. They can be placed:

1. Simple yarns with a mesh pattern if we are aiming to improve the quality of the skin.
2. Lifting yarns for tissue rectification mainly of the face.

The procedure is relatively painless, lasts for 30-40 minutes and takes place in the clinic. The results are immediate and last from 4-18 months. The duration of the result depends on the structure of the person, the number of yarns to be placed, and the technique.The ease of application, safety, physical effect and low relative cost make these minimally invasive treatments widespread and popular, and they are perfectly combined with other non-invasive face therapies.